In 2005 Fausto di Berardino, returning to Italy from Canada, where he spent most of his life, decides to devote himself to his great passion, viticulture.

Thus were born “The Di Berardino Agricultural Company” and the production of wines under the “Di Berardino Vignavolando” brand.

Fausto immediately focuses on the export of his products, Abruzzo wines are first exported to Canada, second home of Fausto, and then marketed in different countries.

Years pass and Di Berardino conquers many markets and important awards.

Di Berardino wines are increasingly appreciated and the high quality of the products offered opens up many new opportunities.

In 2019, Fausto meets the Cocco family, with whom he immediately begins a collaboration and on 7 August 2020 the Cocco brothers (Aurora, Serena and Fernando) completely take over the company, founding Vignavolando SAS. Fausto, will “accompany” the three brothers on this new path.

The generational change and the entry into the company of “fresh forces” immediately brought a breath of fresh air.
Vignavolando decides to increase the diffusion of its products on the national territory and to “digitize” the company as much as possible!

At the beginning of 2021, the renovation works of the “tasting center” in San Vito Chietino are finished, a welcoming and warm place where restaurateurs, distributors and why not, even all lovers of good wine, can taste the products of Vignavolando entertained by stories of the good Fausto Di Berardino!

The web portal is completely renewed and reorganized, is born, a portal for the marketing of wines on the Italian territory and open to restaurateurs, distributors and / or wine shops from all over the world who want to buy wines Di Berardino by Vignavolando.

the story continues…

Drink good wine, drink Di Berardino …