In the valley of FONTE VECCHIA, climbing steep slopes, our vineyards extend.
The Adriatic and the Maiella watching with vigilant care.

In the distance stands the bell tower of the village of Villa Caldari and the rhythmic chimes interrupt the silence of the surrounding landscape.

The assiduous attention that our farmers reserve for the vines and the optimal climate, with sunstrokes that touch tropical temperatures, softened by the cool night wind that blows from the mountain, are the determining factors which give our wines their peculiar characteristics.

Our organic production harmoniously combines the uses, traditions and crafts of the people, in the deepest respect for the cycle of nature.

In San Vito Chietino, on the splendid coast of the trabocchi, immersed in the Theatine countryside, a stone’s throw from the sea, Vignavolando has set up a warm and hospitable tasting center, come and visit us and walking through vineyards and orchards you can taste and fall in love with wine By Berardino …