.. an interview with Fausto Di Berardino among vineyards and cellar. Click here to view full video stream on Youtube
Fausto Di Berardino has been special guest to Sky program: Buongiorno Alice on May 12th 2014 Click here to view
Pecorino organic Di Berardino 2014, Silver Medal, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015 The Concours Mondial is an international, professional competition whose
Pecorino organic Di Berardino 2012  winner of Intervin Best White Wine in Canada, 2013-2014 Click here for Intervin website
Victor Hugo once said that God made water but that man made wine. Great wine, however, rests in the synergy
Facing the crystalline waters of the Adriatic against a backdrop of lush mountains, a coastal town in central Italy illuminates